V75 victory and more…

It’s been a good year and our stable is still going strong. A lot has happened in the last month. The horses have been racing well and it seems like we could expect a good closing of the year, too. We’re going to have a lot of horses racing in December, since this festive month offers a lot of interesting and exciting races for every individual.

Going To Press at his victory on V75 in Gävle with Jorma Kontio in sulky.

Going To Press at his victory on V75 in Gävle with Jorma Kontio in sulky.

High point this month was Going To Press’s V75 victory in Gävle. Going is a very strong, positive minded and increadibly friendly horse, who is only 3 years old and still developing. The race he did in Gävle was close to once-in-a-lifetime. Galloping in the start and losing more than 40m behind his concurents, catching-up with the group 900m before finish, attacking in the 3rd line and winning with 2,5 lenghts, was exeptional.
So we congratulate to the owner, Stall Skepparkroken!

Going To Press (Going Kronos - Satori Hanover e. Lindy Lane)

Going To Press (Going Kronos – Satori Hanover e. Lindy Lane)

Cindy Photo, Trilli Holz, Big Punisher, Sebastian Hall, Folli and Foxy Brown also did some good performances in the last month.
Trilli Holz qualified in monté, together with Lina Renberg, a month ago and directly won her debute and was second in her next race. We were very happy with her performaces under saddle and believe she can develop more in this discipline. Trilli is racing again on Thursday in Åby and Lina is sitting in the saddle.

Trilli Holz and Lina Renberg.

Trilli Holz and Lina Renberg.

Cindy Photo and Big Punisher scored very nice 2nd placements and Foxy Brown had some bad luck in her previous races, but was good, finishing 4th, in her last performance.
Sebastian Hall was galloping 300m before finish in his most recent race. He opened the race in 1.10, took the lead and had still a lot of power left before he galloped. He got distracted by the horse galloping beside him and unfortunately followed after. He showed some great speed and power in this race and we hope he will have better luck the next time.

Folli did a very nice race the last time, finishing 3rd. It was the first race after his throat operation and we were very happy with his performance. He was trotting well all the way through and was very positive in training after also. He’s racing in Jägersro on Saturday – V75 Silver Devision, with Thomas Uhrberg in sulky.

Our yearlings (6 fillies and 1 stallion) are all set in our renovated and fresh ”babies” stable. They are all jogging regularly and we like this year’s youngsters very much.



Bye bye autumn, hello winter.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.




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