StoChampionat weekend

We’ve just left behind one of the most exciting and harnessracing celebrating weekends in Sweeden in the whole year. StoChampionat event in Axevalla offered yet another three days of great races, horses and people.

Our stable had four horses racing on Satuday and Sunday. We were generally happy with their performances.
Going to Press became a favourite in the V75/4 on Saturday, which was no surprise to us, since we believed he had really great chances of taking home the victory. Unfortunatelly he galloped in the last curve with so much power to go with. It just wasn’t his best day. He will come back strong the next time.
The same day The Real Star joined the trip. He is not so experienced yet and this race was more to see how he had develloped so far and what he could do. After his performance we still have lots of reasons to believe that he is a good horse with a promising future. He was racing at the end of the group most of the race and got locked in the last curve. Only 150 m before the finish could Thomas Uhrberg steer him out in the forth row from where he then finished really fast to the third placement and a personal best in 1.14,8/2140a. That was great to see!

img_8474The Real Star (Quite Easy U.S. – Jullan Star e. Juliano Star)

On Sunday we went to Axevalla with two more horses. Dirty Dancing In was participaiting in a Monté-StoChampionat with Lina Renberg in the saddle. The race was tought already on the papper and turned out even tougher at the end. But she did good. She ran her personal best in 1.14,1/2140a – monté and we are happy with her effort which resultet in forth placement. She is not in her best shape yet but surely she improved after this race.

img_1960Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg.

Velvet Gio was meeting his fellow 3yo in the V75/7. Starting number 10 behind the car didn’t promise a good position in the race but Velvet has a heart in the wright place and he trully did give it all at the end when he rounded most of the concurents from the back of the group to a third place and a new personal best 1.13,8/2140a, after very fast last 500m. We have some really exciting plans for him!

img_1957Velvet Gio and Stefan Söderkvist in a E3 final in Bergsåker earlier this month.


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