Girls did great!

We had five horses racing last Saturday in Halmstad and the result was more than satisfying! Rainy day and quite a heavy track was all forgotten already after the first race where Foxy Brown scored an easy win and got much needed and well deserved points. Even Big Punisher looked very nice before his race. Only the track way out in the eighth line behind the car didn’t quite suit him and he galloped in the start. He feels good and is troting better than ever and he will race soon again.
Congratulations to the owner Lars Karlsson, Boxholm!

Foxy Brown towards her 4th triumph this year. Photo: Lars B Persson

Foxy Brown towards her 4th triumph this year.
Photo: Lars B Persson

Trilli Holz is a big mare on long legs and we thought it was time to give those fast legs some extra space to move. It turns out monté is the way to do it. On Saturday she was qualifying and she never looked better before. She seemed reborn, happy to run and left an impression on most of us. Lina Renberg, who is doing such a great job with our monté horses, did also a nice job with qualifying Trilli and we are very excited to see how she will take upon a new role.

Trilli Holz (Equinox Bi - Ermitage O.R. e. Lemon Dra)

Trilli Holz (Equinox Bi – Ermitage O.R. e. Lemon Dra)

We also had our first 2-year-olds qualifying this day. Cosmorita and Veiled – two fine girls who did really good, despite the heavy track at the end of the racing day. Magnus was very happy with their first serious performance and all-in-all positive and proffesional attitude.

Veiled (Zola Boko - Invisible Face e. Viking Kronos) this spring. Stall Skepparkroken

Veiled (Zola Boko – Invisible Face e. Viking Kronos) this spring.
Owner: Stall Skepparkroken

Cosmorita (Super Photo Kosmos - All April e. Juliano Star) with Jörgen S. Wallin before qualification. Owner: Sikroma Horse AB, Växjö

Cosmorita (Super Photo Kosmos – All April e. Juliano Star) with Jörgen S. Wallin before qualification.
Owner: Sikroma Horse AB, Växjö


Racing Saturday in Halmstad

This Saturday we are racing with five horses at the home race track in Halmstad. Foxy Brown is going out in the first race and Big Punisher soon after in second, both with Magnus in sulky. Later on Lina Renberg will qualify Trilli Holz in monté and we are also sending out our first two 2yo fillies for qualification – Cosmorita, who is owned by Sikroma Horse AB, and Veiled from Firma Stall Skepparkroken. Good luck!


Cosmorita (Super Photo Kosmos – All April e. Juliano Star). This photo was taken during Cosmorita’s first summer in our stable in Halmstad, 1yo.


Veiled (Zola Boko – Invisible Face e. Viking Kronos). Also this photo was taken during Veiled’s first summer in our stable in Halmstad, 1yo.





To Åby with Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown is racing tonight again in Åby after two months break from racing. Starting number 3 in a short-distance race and a new driver, Wilhelm Paal, could be a formula for a good comeback. She’s been training well, has been in a happy mood for a while now and we are positive before this race. Equipment and balance will be decided after worm-up.



Cindy Photo – great monté debut

Cindy Photo did her monté debut yesterday in Kalmar. Lina Renberg, who tried her in the sadle just a week before, did a great job picking up on those extra 40 meters during the whole race, taking the convincing lead in the finish line and an easy win. It was a great performance from both Lina and Cindy!

Congratulations to the owners Nilsson Per & Ulf, Karlsson Christer!

Lina Renberg with Cindy Photo in the winner's circle.

Lina Renberg with Cindy Photo in the winner’s circle.


Double victory in Örebro

The stable scored a double victory on V64 last thurstady in Örebro. Both Julia Pellini and Folli delivered strong performances and we couldn’t have been happier! Jorma Kontio was great again steering them to victory.

Congratulations to the owner Stall Skepparkroken!

Julia Pellini and Folli with Magnus.

Julia Pellini and Folli with Magnus.

To Kalmar with good chances

PUBLIC ENEMY and TRILLI HOLZ are racing in Kalmar today and we think they both have good chances to end among the first ones. Public is going out in monté race together with Lina Renberg. She has a good starting posititon and can score a placement there. Magnus is driving Trilli in a race for mares and he is optimistic.
Equipment and shoe changes will be decided after warming-ups.

PublicEnemy & Lina Renberg

Public Enemy & Lina Renberg

Pre race report: CINDY PHOTO – 20/08 Kalmar; FOLLI – 20/08 Örebro V75-1

We are fighting on two fronts tomorrow. Cindy is heading on the east coast to race in bredlopp and Folli is traveling north for V75 Silverdivisionen.
Cindy was nice in her first race for us, finished third after attack 800m before finish from the back of the group. She continue to train well. Will race without shoes and with closed bridle, like the last time. Ales driving.
We are very happy with Folli as he set two personal bests in his last two starts. He was fifth two weeks ago, after he got stucked in the traffic in the last turn. We will, most likely, pull off his shoes and he will race with closed bridle. Final decision will be made on spot though. Jorma Kontio driving this time.

FOLLI (Self Possessed-M.T. Angel)

FOLLI (Self Possessed-M.T. Angel)


Pre race report: SALSA TOO KNIGHT – 18/08 Åby

First lifetime start for ”Lille” Salsa. He is actually by far the biggest horse we have, but nickname sticked to him since he came to us as a yearling. As big as he is, he is not very fast yet, but there is a lot of power in him. It will be interesting to see him race tomorrow.
Magnus driving.


Pre race report: PUBLIC ENEMY – 16/08 Jägersro

Monté again for Public. 10 days ago she finished third. 2640m auto today, touger competition. She is going to race with front shoes for a change. Lina riding.

Public Enemy (Enjoy Lavec-Liz Abb)

Public Enemy (Enjoy Lavec-Liz Abb)


Pre race report: FOXY BROWN – 12/08 Åby

Foxy continues to deliver! Finished third with a new personal best last Tuesday at Jägersro. Number 4 tomorrow, medium distance, a couple of tough opponents, yet Foxy have a nice chance. She was a bit nonchalant at the start lately, so we are going to switch her back to closed bridle. No shoes, as usual. Magnus driving.

FOXY BROWN (Symphonic Hanover-Liz Abb)

FOXY BROWN (Symphonic Hanover-Liz Abb)