Many starts this week

img_0288Harness racing with Magnus Dahlén

We will be ”night racing” tomorrow in Jägersro with Dyolo In. Sulky this time. Good starting position behind the car – 1, short distance and Stefan Söderkvist driving.

It will be a busy day in Vaggeryd on Wednesday.
Big Punisher and Tova Bengtsson will join forces in a monté race. Big has been doing really well in training so we hope he will deliver a nice performance, too.

img_8406Big Punisher and Tova

My Sacrifice is ready to race after a short break. She will meet her mare concurents in a long distance race. Nr 1 behind the gate and Stefan Söderkvist in sulky.

img_0576My Sacrifice

Foxy Brown was her old self again in the last start. She delivered a great performance, missing a victory for a nose, and she is nice in training before this start, too. We are positive she will do good this time as well. Stefan Söderkvist will be driving again.

img_8063Folli (right) and Foxy Brown (left) in training at home in Halmstad.

The day after we’re travelling to Kalmar with Folli. He has two monté victories in a row in the pocket. Tova Bengtsson has been doing a nice job with him in the saddle at home and at racing, and will take this trip with him again.

img_0097Second monté victory for Folli and Tova.





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