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Kriterieauktion 2017

Idag är jag på Kriterieauktionen. Om jag kan vara till hjälp är mitt nr 070 377 5497.


It seems that Summer left us before it really began, however Autumn is being quite generous with warm, sunny, summer-like days and the horses are feeling good. We are quite happy how most of them have been performing in races.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.

All our three-year-olds racing have been winners at least once and they are progressing constantly.
Most recently has Vincent As won his first race. We decided to castrate him a few months ago and that showed to be a right step so far. He did his first race as a gelding last week in Axevalla, with Kevin Oscarsson in sulky, and was as we have hoped. His performance was strong and we are very excited to see him race next time.


Our favourite 3yo chestnut filly Cosmorita have lived up our expectations. She won her debute race from a tough position, and was 3rd in her last race – which showed to be much tougher than on the paper – but she was fast and gaining constantly until the finish. She’s a fighter.
Veiled has some nice performances behind her – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in her recent starts. She is very ambitious from start, so she can brake early, but she’s much safer now and she’s always trainig well.



Going to Press won Lördagsloppet in Bollnäs 10 days ago. It was an exciting last round – seeing him fight his way up in the forth line and taking home a safe victory with Stefan Söderkvist in sulky. Going likes long-distance-racing and that’s what we will focus on.


Even Big Punisher likes to run longer distances. He won the 2640m race from outside of the leader in Vaggeryd a month ago together with Kevin Oscarsson.


Dirty Dancing In did a great race together with Tova Bengtsson in Vaggeryd, taking home yet another victory, and they will meet new competition in Svensk Travsports Femåringsmonté on Saturday in Solvalla.


We have an exciting evening in front of us. 2yo Intuned Boko is debuting in a Tvååringslopp for fillies in Åby. She was nice in the qualifications and we hope she will take home a good experience. Good luck, ”lilla flicka”!

Intuned Boko (Yankee Glide - Another Chip e. Pine Chip)

Intuned Boko (Yankee Glide – Another Chip e. Pine Chip)

StoChampionat weekend

We’ve just left behind one of the most exciting and harnessracing celebrating weekends in Sweeden in the whole year. StoChampionat event in Axevalla offered yet another three days of great races, horses and people.

Our stable had four horses racing on Satuday and Sunday. We were generally happy with their performances.
Going to Press became a favourite in the V75/4 on Saturday, which was no surprise to us, since we believed he had really great chances of taking home the victory. Unfortunatelly he galloped in the last curve with so much power to go with. It just wasn’t his best day. He will come back strong the next time.
The same day The Real Star joined the trip. He is not so experienced yet and this race was more to see how he had develloped so far and what he could do. After his performance we still have lots of reasons to believe that he is a good horse with a promising future. He was racing at the end of the group most of the race and got locked in the last curve. Only 150 m before the finish could Thomas Uhrberg steer him out in the forth row from where he then finished really fast to the third placement and a personal best in 1.14,8/2140a. That was great to see!

img_8474The Real Star (Quite Easy U.S. – Jullan Star e. Juliano Star)

On Sunday we went to Axevalla with two more horses. Dirty Dancing In was participaiting in a Monté-StoChampionat with Lina Renberg in the saddle. The race was tought already on the papper and turned out even tougher at the end. But she did good. She ran her personal best in 1.14,1/2140a – monté and we are happy with her effort which resultet in forth placement. She is not in her best shape yet but surely she improved after this race.

img_1960Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg.

Velvet Gio was meeting his fellow 3yo in the V75/7. Starting number 10 behind the car didn’t promise a good position in the race but Velvet has a heart in the wright place and he trully did give it all at the end when he rounded most of the concurents from the back of the group to a third place and a new personal best 1.13,8/2140a, after very fast last 500m. We have some really exciting plans for him!

img_1957Velvet Gio and Stefan Söderkvist in a E3 final in Bergsåker earlier this month.

Many starts this week

img_0288Harness racing with Magnus Dahlén

We will be ”night racing” tomorrow in Jägersro with Dyolo In. Sulky this time. Good starting position behind the car – 1, short distance and Stefan Söderkvist driving.

It will be a busy day in Vaggeryd on Wednesday.
Big Punisher and Tova Bengtsson will join forces in a monté race. Big has been doing really well in training so we hope he will deliver a nice performance, too.

img_8406Big Punisher and Tova

My Sacrifice is ready to race after a short break. She will meet her mare concurents in a long distance race. Nr 1 behind the gate and Stefan Söderkvist in sulky.

img_0576My Sacrifice

Foxy Brown was her old self again in the last start. She delivered a great performance, missing a victory for a nose, and she is nice in training before this start, too. We are positive she will do good this time as well. Stefan Söderkvist will be driving again.

img_8063Folli (right) and Foxy Brown (left) in training at home in Halmstad.

The day after we’re travelling to Kalmar with Folli. He has two monté victories in a row in the pocket. Tova Bengtsson has been doing a nice job with him in the saddle at home and at racing, and will take this trip with him again.

img_0097Second monté victory for Folli and Tova.




Våren är här med många starter på G!

Våren är äntligen här och stallet har en del kommande starter. Jag som skriver har hjälpt till med framförallt ridträning utav hästarna och jag tänkte dela med mig utav mina upplevelser kring några av de hästar jag fått ta del utav än så länge.

Big Punisher debuterade på ett bra sätt i monté som 3:a på hemmabanan och nu är den en ny start i Kalmar på schemat (24/3). Han har visat fina fart resurser i jobben och allt ser bra ut inför denna start. Han förstår mer och mer vad det går ut på med en ryttare på ryggen och det blir spännande att få följa hans utveckling inom denna gren.

Foxy Brown kvalade på ett fint sätt i monté och har tagit det bra. Hon ska göra sin montédebut på Jägersro 28/3. Hon kändes kanonfin i ett banjobb i veckan och vi hoppas och tror på en bra insats direkt i debuten.

Många av hästarna har även fått ridas lite i dressyr för att koppla av lite mellan jobben. Det är roligt att få arbeta med positiva hästar som utvecklas hela tiden!

/Tova Bengtsson

Big Punisher i ett rakbanejobb

Foxy Brown i sitt banjobb

Going To Press i dessyr

A good start of the year

Our stable has done eight starts so far, which resulted in four victories and a third placement. A really good start of the year. Every victory brings a lot of joy, more positive energy and confidence in our work. Horses in our stable have been performing well under a long period of time now.
We already mentioned this year’s first winner for our stable, Cindy Photo, in the recent post. Shortly after came the other three, all in just last week: Dirty Dancing In, My Sacrifice and Trilli Holz.


Dirty Dancing In, My Sacrifice and Trilli Holz with our monté rider Lina Renberg and caretaker Gorazd Bratkovic.

Dirty Dancing In did three performances for our stable since she came to us, all of them in monté, and she came out as a winner every time, too! She seem to fit good in monté racing. D.D. won in Åby last Thursday, for the second time with Lina Renberg in the saddle. Their next mission together again is next Monday on the home race track in Halmstad.
Congratulations to the owner/breeder Invexbo AB!

Dirty Dancing In Lina Renberg, winners from Åby.

Dirty Dancing In Lina Renberg, winners from Åby.

Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg won Prix de Mademoiselle Aronsson. On the picture together with the owner Bo Sveningsson, Invexbo AB.

Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg won Prix de Mademoiselle Aronsson worth 20.000 kr. On the picture together with the owner Bo Sveningsson, Invexbo AB.

Our stable had a really good evening in Åby last Thursday – My Sacrifice showed yet again how great she is and together with Stefan Söderkvist in sulky they scored a second victory in a row. My is a fine young lady in the making and future looks bright for her.
Congratulations to the owners Per & Ulf Nilsson and Christer Karlsson!

My Sacrifice wins her second race in a row in Åby.

My Sacrifice wins her second race in a row in Åby.

My with Stefan Söderkvist in sulky won Prix de Cagnes-sur-Mer worth 30.000 kr.

My Sacrifice with Stefan Söderkvist in sulky won Prix de Cagnes-sur-Mer worth 30.000 kr.

On Monday we took a trip all the way to Mantorp with Trilli Holz. This time she really showed her big heart and fierce fighting spirit. She raced the last 1200 m in the third row and took a clear lead in the last curve, but felt a bit alone without competitors around. She picked up the speed when she saw horses coming closer again and managed to take home a safe victory. Lina Renberg did a great job there again and went to take that so well deserved bouquet of tulips!

Trilli and Lina won Montélopp in Mantorp worth 20.000 kr.

Trilli and Lina won Montélopp in Mantorp worth 20.000 kr.

Salsa Knight was racing last Saturday in Jägersro together with Lina and they did a great race outside of the leader the whole way. It was a tough race he did and Lina did very good keeping him calm and finishing the race so well! The result was a third placement which feels like a victory to us. Salsa was injured earlier last year and he had to be operated. After 11 months we were happy he could start racing again and he was improving with every race. It thrills us that he feels good after the last race. He will be racing again after a couple of weeks.

Lina has had the most amazing start of the year as well. In four starts she won three times and was third once! We mentioned once before that she will be picking quite some flowers on the race tracks this year. Just keep them coming, we say!

We have a busy Monday next week in Halmstad. Six horses racing, two of them in monté qualifications. You are welcome to follow Purita, Dirty Dancing In, Run D.M.C., Sebastian Hall, Hannah Hall and Salsa too Knight:

Purita galloped the last time from a difficult volt position but ran good after. She is continuing to do good in training at home and we hope she will trott all the way through this time and do a good race. Magnus will be steering her this time.
Dirty Dancing In and Run D.M.C. will meet in the same race, monté. D.D. have three victories in a row and we are still happy with the way she is training. Anything can happen in a race but we believe she will deliver a good performance. Lina Renberg will sit in the saddle.
Run and Alicia J Larsson were on their way to their season’s monté debut in Kalmar last week. Unfortunately Alicia suffered a back injury during the warm-up and we had to scratch. But Alicia is a tough girl and a really good rider! She feels fit for fight again and they will give it another try on Monday. Run is still doing well in training and we hope for a good race.
Sebastian Hall just doesn’t seem to have the best of luck on his side lately. We just had to shake of the gallop in the last race and look positive toward his next race. Because he is a positive horse with a big and kind heart himself. And the puzzles will come together for him soon, too. Kevin Oscarsson will sit in the sulky this time and we just hope it will go well for them. Sebastian is, as always, feeling good and training well.

Hanna Hall in dressage training with our summer student Irene Borghetti last summer.

Hanna Hall in dressage training with our summer student Irene Borghetti last summer.

We are very excited about monté qualifications for Hannah Hall and Salsa too Knight. Hannah is a talented 4yo mare who is very big and powerful and we think she might fit good in monté to begin with. The same goes for ”Lille” Salsa. He is 4yo and very big, there is a lot of power in him as well. Hanna will be joining forces with Lina Renberg and Lille Salsa with Alicia J Larsson.

Salsa too Knight with Alicia J Larsson.

Salsa too Knight with Alicia J Larsson.



Cindy Photo a winner again

Cindy Photo and Lina at the finish line in Axevalla.

Cindy Photo and Lina at the finish line in Axevalla.

Our stable got the first winner of the year 2017 in the third start – Cindy Photo and Lina Renberg won a monté race together in Axevalla two days ago. Cindy’s fighting spirit came to life again in the last 100m of the race and she didn’t give in to the last centimeters. Again great riding from Lina who has started this year in the best possible way. This was their fourth victory together and it looks like they might be picking some more flowers at the race tracks together in future.
Congratulations to the owners Per & Ulf Nilsson and Christer Karlsson!

Cindy and Lina after their victory in Axevalla.

Cindy and Lina after their victory in Axevalla.

You are welcome to follow our horses during the next days in Åby, Kalmar, Jägersro and Mantorp:

Åby – Dirty Dancing In will be trying her luck again in monté race together with Lina Renberg. It will be DD’s third start under the sadle and we believe she will do well again. She won the last two monté races and she’s been only good in training before this start. My Sacrifice did very good the last time when she won and she’s been only good and positive in training after. Stefan Söderkvist will be driving her this time also.

Kalmar – Run D.M.C. was training well in the last period. We believe he could fit in monté racing and we will see how it goes tomorrow in Kalmar. Alicia J Larsson will ride him for the second time and we hope they will have better luck this time. It is not an easy race on the paper but we hope they will do a good race together.

Jägersro – also Salsa Knight will be presenting our monté forces on Saturday. We were happy with his performance the last time, he was feeling good after and the legs looked nice, too. Not an easy race, but he’s a fair fighter and we believe he will do good, too. Lina Renberg is going to complete him this time also.

Mantorp – Trilli Holz galloped in her last start. She is usually a safe trotter and we think that it just wasn’t her day the last time. And that’s ok. She is training good and everything is just fine with her. We hope for the best. Lina Renberg will be riding her as always.


Victory for My Sacrifice

My Sacrifice took her second life victory yesterday at Jägersro racetrack. She broke free from the end of the group in the last 100 m and still managed to develop enough speed to win the race. Stefan Söderkvist steered her perfectly to this triumph.
Congratulations to the owners Per & Ulf Nilsson and Christer Karlsson!

My Sacrifice (Andover Andover - Queen Blou e. Rosalind's Guy) with owners Ulf and Per Nilsson, and caretaker Gorazd Bratkovic)

My Sacrifice (Andover Andover – Queen Blou e. Rosalind’s Guy) with owners Ulf and Per Nilsson, and caretaker Gorazd Bratkovic)

Happy Holidays


Holidays are practically here and we are busy as ever. We trotting lovers never rest. We, of course, also make some space for the holiday spirit – put some lights and decorations here and there, eat christmas food, drink coffee a bit more often and exchange warm holiday whishes with people we meet,… but mostly we continue to take care of our precious horses, keeping them in shape and feeling good. And if you love and follow this sport as much as we do, well then holidays must be a lot more exciting for you, too! Follow us, too, we are not quite done for this year. 😉

Marina Ginman with Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg with Cindy Photo.

Marina Ginman with Dirty Dancing In and Lina Renberg with Cindy Photo.

We’ve had some very nice results in monté racing these past weeks. In 5 starts the stable scored 3 victories and a 2nd placement. Cindy Photo and Lina Renberg did a great race together in Axevalla on a very cold winter evening. Dirty Dancing In was participating in Kalmar’s Damklubbens Montéfinal and Marina Ginman, who was riding her, won the title for the third time. Once againg was Dirty Dancing In just the best on the field in Jägersro, this time with Lina Renberg. They both showed some great racing.
Congratulations to Cindy’s owners Nilsson Per & Ulf, Karlsson Christer and to Dirty Dancing In’s owner Invexbo AB.

Victory 'for Dirty Dancing In & Lina Renberg. On photo together with owners Invexbo AB.

Victory for Dirty Dancing In & Lina Renberg. On photo together with owners Invexbo AB.

Vincent As and Veravia As were very nice in their qualification race in the beginning of this week. Vincent galloped after 500m and lost a lot of ground but recovered very well and easily finished his qualification. It went more smoothly for Veravia. She made no mistakes and had the privilege to have had her owner Mats Karlsson taking her through her first serious performance. They were great!
Both Vincent and Veravia are owned by Firma Stall Skepparkroken.

Vincent As (Muscle Massive - Galiera As e. S.J.'s Photo) earlier this year in May.

Vincent As (Muscle Massive – Galiera As e. S.J.’s Photo) earlier this year in May.

The rest of our two-year-olds have been making good progress lately and they are also going to qualify soon.
Hannah Hall and Run D.M.C. have done well recently and we’re checking for some good races for them.
Daydreamer In, Even Better In and Kemas Magic have been starting to train slowly again after their injuries. The road is still long, but they, too deserve a chance to show how great they can be.
Foxy Brown has had a long and successful year and we decided to put racing aside for a while for some winter training. Big Punisher has also joyned her and they seem to enjoy the new training. We hope to give them a great start next year.

BIG PUNISHER (Symphonic Hanover-Queen Latifah)

Big Punisher (Symphonic Hanover-Queen Latifah)

We would like to thank our fantastic owners and friends for this year. We whish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful Year 2017!



V75 victory and more…

It’s been a good year and our stable is still going strong. A lot has happened in the last month. The horses have been racing well and it seems like we could expect a good closing of the year, too. We’re going to have a lot of horses racing in December, since this festive month offers a lot of interesting and exciting races for every individual.

Going To Press at his victory on V75 in Gävle with Jorma Kontio in sulky.

Going To Press at his victory on V75 in Gävle with Jorma Kontio in sulky.

High point this month was Going To Press’s V75 victory in Gävle. Going is a very strong, positive minded and increadibly friendly horse, who is only 3 years old and still developing. The race he did in Gävle was close to once-in-a-lifetime. Galloping in the start and losing more than 40m behind his concurents, catching-up with the group 900m before finish, attacking in the 3rd line and winning with 2,5 lenghts, was exeptional.
So we congratulate to the owner, Stall Skepparkroken!

Going To Press (Going Kronos - Satori Hanover e. Lindy Lane)

Going To Press (Going Kronos – Satori Hanover e. Lindy Lane)

Cindy Photo, Trilli Holz, Big Punisher, Sebastian Hall, Folli and Foxy Brown also did some good performances in the last month.
Trilli Holz qualified in monté, together with Lina Renberg, a month ago and directly won her debute and was second in her next race. We were very happy with her performaces under saddle and believe she can develop more in this discipline. Trilli is racing again on Thursday in Åby and Lina is sitting in the saddle.

Trilli Holz and Lina Renberg.

Trilli Holz and Lina Renberg.

Cindy Photo and Big Punisher scored very nice 2nd placements and Foxy Brown had some bad luck in her previous races, but was good, finishing 4th, in her last performance.
Sebastian Hall was galloping 300m before finish in his most recent race. He opened the race in 1.10, took the lead and had still a lot of power left before he galloped. He got distracted by the horse galloping beside him and unfortunately followed after. He showed some great speed and power in this race and we hope he will have better luck the next time.

Folli did a very nice race the last time, finishing 3rd. It was the first race after his throat operation and we were very happy with his performance. He was trotting well all the way through and was very positive in training after also. He’s racing in Jägersro on Saturday – V75 Silver Devision, with Thomas Uhrberg in sulky.

Our yearlings (6 fillies and 1 stallion) are all set in our renovated and fresh ”babies” stable. They are all jogging regularly and we like this year’s youngsters very much.



Bye bye autumn, hello winter.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.

A morning walk with Big Punisher.